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Salade Parisienne

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Salade parisienne.jpg

Salade parisienne represents a composed kind of salad, created with a significant number of items, such as potatoes, chicken breasts, celery, red pepper, ham, mixed salad, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes and cheese. The salad greens are broken into bite-size pieces and spread all over the plate. The rest of the ingredients are finely cut in two and attractively arranged on top. The dressing is prepared with such ingredients as olive oil, white wine vinegar and coffee grain mustard. Salt and pepper are added to taste. The dressing is either spread onto the salad or served on the side.

This salad constitutes a quite consistent dish, it being often served throughout various restaurants from Paris.

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Salade Parisienne,

Salade Parisienne,

Salade Parisienne,