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Salvitxada sauce or salsa de calçots is a Catalan sauce which is served almost exclusively with calçots (a special type of green onions from Cataluna) at the calçotades, a traditional local barbecue. It is made of almonds, tomatoes, garlic, peppers, vinegar and oil.

The calçot from Valls, Tarragona is bigger and softer than a typical green onion. Catalans usually tend to grill them over a flaming barbecue after which the bulbs are dipped in salvitxada.

It is similar to Salsa Romesco sauce with the difference that it is thickened with toast rubbed with fresh garlic, moistened with a little vinegar and pulverized. It is usually made with a pestle.

Salvitxada represents a delicious side dish that can be easily served with different grilled vegetables. Red wine vinegar can be added.

Salvitxada originated in Valls, in Tarragona, and is widely consumed during spring and summer.

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Calçots, a Catalan Delicacy,