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Sambal kangkong

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Sambal Kangkong is a common spicy vegetarian dish in Malaysia and Singapore. It is thought to be originated from China. The dish is traditionally prepared from kangkong (water spinach), cut into slices chilli, dried shrimps, peeled shallots, sea salt, oil, caster sugar, garlic, onions and dried shrimp paste. To prepare sambal chilli dried shrimps, garlic, onions and dried shrimp paste are blended together and fried in a wok with oil. When the sambal is fragrant, kangkong leaves and cut cilli are added and fried on high heat with little water until kangkong is cooked. Seasoning is added to taste, and the dish is served as soon as it gets ready.

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Sambal Kangkong 马来风光,

Sambal Kangkong,

Sambal Kang Kong,

Sambal Kangkong,