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San Colombano

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San Colombano is a wine coming from Lombardy, appreciated in the past by Milanese poets, politicians, philosophers and nowadays carrying the DOC (Wine of Denomination of Controlled Origin) mark for its originality, history and unique taste. The name comes from a little town San Colombano al Lambri which is not far from Milan, famous with its hills where Barbera, Croatina, Malvasia, Verdea, Chardonnay, Black Pinot, Sauvignon grapes are cultivated. The wine consists of an amalgam of grapes, like Croatina, Barbera and Rare grape for red wine, and Chardonnay and Black Pinot for white spumante wine. The wines produced in this region are sold only in bottles and are subject to a thorough examination by the Consortium Commission which gives its final check and tasting. The sign of quality is the effigy of Saint Colomba with a bunch of grapes, but also the symbol of the bond with the Holly that remains strong even today.

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San Colombano al Lambro,

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