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Traditional Sarajevo Food

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Cuisine is an integral part of any local culture, and no trip to Sarajevo is complete without tasting the traditional Sarajevo food. This directory offers information about the traditional dishes and drinks available in Sarajevo to help visitors better understand the local food culture and make an informed decision when trying them.


  • Börek: fried filled pastries filled with cheese, meat or vegetables.
  • Bosnian Meza: a plateau with smoked meat, different sausages, bacon, vegetables and salads.
  • Peksimeti: dough fingers fried in oil.
  • Pršut: air dried smoked pork leg, also named Prosciutto.



Main courses

  • Bamija: meat and okra stew.
  • Bosanski Lonac (Bosnian Pot): cooked meat of lamb, pork, beef and vegetables as tomatoes, potatoes, onion, carrots.
  • Dolma: stuffed vegetables with or without meat.
  • Đuveč: vegetable stew.
  • Filovane Paprike: peppers stuffed with meat.
  • Goulash: meat stew, served with mashed potatoes.
  • Janjetina: young lamb meat cooked in a pan or grilled.
  • Kačamak: dish made of cornmeal.
  • Klepe: square pastry filled with minced beef meat seasoned with pepper and salt.
  • Kofta (Meatball): meat balls served independently or with rice or in a pita bread.
  • Mučkalica: cooked chopped pork neck with vegetables as peppers, tomatoes, onions.
  • Pasulj: a traditional soup made of beans and meat as bacon, ham or pig feet.
  • Popara: a kid's breakfast of boiled bread in milk with cheese.
  • Sataraš: cooked vegetables with oil and salt.
  • Sogan-dolma: stuffed onions with beef meat.
  • Tarhana: a thick soup made of grains, milk and yoghurt.


  • Baklava: sweet pastry with honey, nuts and syrup.
  • Halva: a dessert made from nuts, sunflower seeds, yams, squashes with sugar or honey.
  • Hurmašice: pastry drenched in a sweet syrup.
  • Krempita: scratch puff pastry, cream.
  • Krofne: similar to doughnuts, with filling.
  • Oblande: cooked filling pressed between crispy wafer sheets.
  • Ruske Kape: chocolate, vanilla and coconut cake.
  • Sutlijaš: rice pudding with spices and sugar.
  • Tufahija: Bosnian stuffed apples.
  • Tulumba: fried pastry with syrup.
  • Uštipci: doughnut-like balls.

Fast food

Street food

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