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Sashimi (Japanese: 刺身) is a Japanese delicacy. It primarily consists of very fresh raw seafood, sliced into thin pieces, and served only with a dipping sauce (soy sauce with wasabi paste or such condiments as grated fresh ginger, or ponzu), and such garnishes as shiso and shredded daikon radish, which are beautifully arranged. This dish requires using saltwater fish.

Before being eaten, pieces of sashimi along with the daikon and shiso are dipped into the soy sauce, giving the dish a flavour of mint and freshness. Wasabi or ground ginger are some of the dressings that might be added to the dish.

Many Japanese people believe that sashimi, traditionally considered the finest dish in Japanese cuisine, should be eaten before other strong flavors affect the palate. Culinarily, sashimi represents the Japanese cultural appreciation of subtlety. The finer sensation can vary from salmon (not traditionally Japanese) to squid and everything in between.

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