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Sliced Saucisson

Saucisson is a variety of thick, dry cured sausage that originates in France, similar to salami or summer sausage. The word saucisson first appeared in France in 1546 in the Tiers Livre of Rabelais. However there are saucisson recipes dating from Roman times, and Gaulish recipes for dried pork.

Traditional saucisson is made only from pigs raised in a farm and fed cereals. Only 15% of the saucissons from the French market are real traditional ones, those made from industrially raised pigs are not considered genuine traditional saucissons. In order to produce a traditional saucisson a suitable pig is selected then to its meat are added different ingredients like salt, pepper and spices. Some producers use a mixture of pork and cow meat with Provence herbs. Some varieties of dry sausage besides meat contain vegetables or fruits, dry fruits, alcohol or cheese.

The saucisson is often served with fresh Baguette bread as an aperitif or even as fast food.

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