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Sayama cha

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Sayama Tea (狭山茶, Sayama-cha) is a type of green tea leaves produced mainly in the southwestern region of Saitama Prefecture and a small neighboring area in Northwestern Tokyo. Since the diversity of tea harvested in the entire area is commonly known as Sayama cha, the produce cultivated in Tokyo has been named Tokyo Sayama cha, in order to differ from the one cultivated in Saitama.

In comparison to teas from other tea-growing regions in Japan, Sayama Tea is characterized with its thick leaves. This is because the region is considered to be fairly north, and the cool climate, which sometimes causes frost in winter, makes trees unable to survive without thick leaves.

The harvesting process of Tokyo Sayama cha happens twice a year , this giving the tea more exuberance and aroma. Tea extracted from such thick leaves resulted in a distinct sweet and rich flavor.

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