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Schäufele, otherwise called Schaeufele, Schäuferle, Schäuferla, Schäufala is the southern German name for the flat shoulder of pork, which in Switzerland and South Baden is called Schüfeli.

Fränkische Schäufele is a traditional dish consisting of a raw pork shoulder, with or without the bone, which is scratched crosswise and rubbed with salt, pepper and cumin, or spiced with diced root vegetables and onions, roasted in a pan with a little meat broth (dark beer can also be added) for two or three hours. When ready, the bone should easily come out from the meat and the rind should be crispy and golden brown. It is served with a dark gravy, potato dumplings, mixed salads, with sauerkraut or, more rarely with red cabbage.

Baden Schäufele is a cured and smoked pork shoulder; it is marinated in a mixture of water, white wine and a little vinegar with onions, bay leaves and cloves, after that being cooked just below the boiling point for two or two and a half hours. It is served with potato salad, which was dressed with the cooking broth, salt, pepper and vinegar.

The Swiss Schüfeli (typical Christmas dish) is also cured and smoked and is commonly eaten with beans, cooked or pickled cabbage.

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Fränkisches Schäufele,

"Fränkisches" Schäufele mit Dunkelbiersoße,