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Schierker Feuerstein

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Schierker Feuerstein is an alcoholic liqueur produced in the town of Schierke, located in the Harz region of Germany. It is a herbal beverage, with half-bitter taste and with 35 % alcohol by volume. The recipe of this liqueur was developed in the 1920s by Willy Drube, the then proprietor of the chemist's Zum Roten Fingerhut, in the village of Schierke and which was patented in 1924. Due to its red-brown coloration, the liqueur is named after the so-called Feuersteinklippe, a rock formation near Schierke made of reddish granite.

After the reunification of Germany in 1990 the firm of Schierker Feuerstein GmbH & Co was founded, which continued to produce the liqueur both in Bad Lauterberg and also in Schierke. Schierker Feuerstein is related to the following bitter drinks which are all based on the bitter herb, Artemisia: Underberg and Jägermeister (Germany), Piolunowka (Poland), Fernet Branca (Italy) and Gamel Danske (Scandinavia). Artemisia is called "wormwood" in England and it kills most bacteria and worms in the gut.

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Schierker Feuerstein,

Schierker Feuerstein,

Schierker Feuerstein,