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Schnitzel Holstein

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Schnitzel Holstein is a German dish that is said to be given the name after the primary German diplomat Friedrich von Holstein (1837-1909), who liked to be served different kinds of food on one plate. Thus, the original recipe stated amongst the components the following: veal cutlet, fried eggs, anchovy, caviar, smoked salmon, mushrooms, etc. The nowadays version of the dish has been substantially simplified only to cutlet, eggs, capers and anchovy.


The veal meat is seasoned with salt and pepper, then it is dredged in flour and dipped in whisked eggs, it is also coated in bread crumbs and fried in a pan with oil until golden brown of color. A sauce made from butter, lemon juice, capers and parsley is used to be poured over the dish. Before the schnitzel is served at table, two eggs are fried in a skillet and are placed on top of it. This is a rather delicious but at the same time high calorie food which is just perfect for an “empty stomach” on cold, rainy weather.

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Schnitzel a la Holstein,

Schnitzel à la Holstein,

Schnitzel Holstein,