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Schorle is a German beverage made from diluting juice or wine with carbonated water. The most common variety is Apfelschorle which is made from apple juice and sparkling mineral water. In Germany, there are known two categories of Schorle: Fruchtschorle and Spritzer (that is wine mixed with carbonated water). Fruchtschorle represents a broader category and consists of any fruit juice mixed with carbonated water, Apfelschorle being by far the most common variation.

Large bottles of Schorle can be found at most groceries stores, supermarkets and anywhere else where carbonated drinks are sold, next to the soda. Due to its dilution it is less sweet or alcoholic than the original beverage, making it better suited as a refreshment on hot summer days or as an alternative to beer at the biergarten or weinstube.

Typical proportions are half seltzer water in a high glass and half juice or sweet wine. In the Palatinate (wine region), in Germany, proportions consist of 1/3 water and 2/3 wine, which are also known as a "Wine Cooler".

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