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Schultheiss beer is a common alcoholic beverage in Berlin that is being produced since 1842 by Schultheiss brewery which is owned now by Oetker Group. Its most renowned beer types are Pilsener and Berliner Weisse Original. Pilsener is a classical yellow colored pale with a sweet, predominantly malty aroma and a relatively dry and bitter finish. Schultheiss Berliner Weisse Original is a cloudy type with a white head and a combined fruity and wheat aroma. The taste is basically sour but it is balanced with fruity notes of citrus, apple and wood.

Schultheiss beer comes in bottles of dark brown color and is also available on tap. The reviews are poled, starting with positive and totally negative impressions about this beer. However, tastes differ and you should not totally rely on one's personal opinion but go to Berlin, on an occasion, and try this beverage by yourself.

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