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Swiss Christmas cookies 02.jpg

Schwabenbrötli, translated as Swabia cookies, are famous Swiss Christmas treats together with Brunsli (Swiss Brownies), Chräbeli (Anise cookies), Mailänderli (Milano cookies) and Zimtsterne (Cinnamon cookies). They are said to have the origin in the German province - Swabia, where they were traditionally baked at religious Holly Days and later became a Christmas cookie. Food historians have attributed to the Swabia cookies also the name of Springerle, due to their popping out forms molded in the raw dough. The common recipe of these biscuits includes: margarine, sugar, eggs, cinnamon, salt, grind almonds and flour. All the ingredients are mixed well into a soft dough which is rolled out and cut or molded into different shapes and forms which are brushed with egg or milk and baked in the oven. These are beautifully decorated cookies, just perfect for a Christmas box of presents.

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