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Schweins bratwurst

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Schweins bratwurst is another type of Swiss sausage popular with the locals and tourists, as well. It is usually preferred grilled with side dishes like rosti, vegetables, salads, fries etc. This is the street dish commonly eaten during the big national holidays, festivals and Barbeque parties, as it is tasty, flavory, easy and quick to prepare. The main ingredient for this sausage is ground pork meat, traditionally mixed with veal, pork fat, milk and assorted spices like mustard seeds, salt, pepper etc. The recipes together with the tastes of the final product vary from butcher to butcher, but still, the sausage remains one of the most important making parts of hot dogs, rosti plates, salads and other traditional dishes which can be found in restaurants, snack bars or at street stalls.

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Pork Bratwurst cooked,

Schweinsbratwurst / Saucisse à rôtir de porc,

Pork Sausage,