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Schweinsohren 01.jpg

Schweinsohren or Schweineohren, literally translated as “Pig's Ears”, are cookies made from puff pastry and served with tea, coffee or as a snack before or between main meals. This dessert is easy to be recognized due to its form of a pig's ear, hence the name. The pastry is spread with nutty filling, gem or just conventional sugar; it is rolled from two opposite sides and cut into slices that get the form of a double spiral. The resulted pieces are baked in the oven until golden brown. The size of finished Schweinsohren varies by region and range from about five centimeters to the size of dinner plates. After being cooked, the cookies are either sprinkled with powdered sugar or coated in dark chocolate or white frosting.

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Schweinsohr (Gebäck),

Schweine Ohren (Pig's Ears),

18 .schweineohren Rezepte,