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Semtex is a brand of high-energy drink manufactured in the Czech Republic by Pinelli since 1995. It contains the maximum allowed amounts of caffeine and taurine and is created for the young generation, adding energy and positivism.

The normal recipe contains a large amount of caffeine, while the Semtex Forte version contains a higher concentration of glucuronolactone. Another one is Semtex Light (without sugar, only with artificial sweeteners). Semtex Hot (with chilli and ginger) and Semtex Ice (with mint) are no longer available. Furthermore, the oxygenated drink comes also in three versions, two of which being widely spread. One of them comes in a yellow can and depicts the silhouette of an alien in erection. The other flavor comes in a colorful can with the phrase: "Semtex supports lesbian monkey business".

The drink is named in honor of a popular plastic explosive, also called Semtex, invented in Prague. Explosia, the manufacturer of explosives, sued Pinelli for trademark infringement. In 2002, the companies settled for a single fee of several tens of millions CZK.

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