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Shrimp rolls

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Shrimp Rolls are a very popular snack dish in Taipei that can be found at any Night Market stall, snack bar, restaurant or street vendor. The ingredients for this type of food are so varied that the customer could be lost amongst the diversion of flavors and tastes. Though, the basic component is shrimp in combination with other common ingredients like ground pork, finely chopped ginger, spring onion, potato starch, egg white, goose liver paste etc; they all serve as filling for the roll. Classically, the inner membrane that covers a pig’s organs is used as the coating for shrimp rolls, but, rice files or spring roll pastry may also be used. The rolls are deep fried until they get a golden color and are served on a plate or on a stick together with Wasabi, soy or any other popular sauces. This is a dish that melts in one’s mouth, leaving a taste and flavor of shrimp and juicy stuffing.

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