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Sigara böreği

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Sigara böreği (lit. "cigarette börek") are finger-thick, stuffed and fried dough rolls of Turkish cuisine, which are eaten as an appetizer or as a snack. Yufka, phyllo or puff pastry dough is usually used for its preparation. This smaller, cylindrical variety of börek is often filled with feta cheese, potato, parsley and sometimes with minced meat or sausage. A variety of vegetables, herbs and spices are used in böreks, such as spinach, nettle, leek, potato, and courgette, and usually ground black pepper. The sweet variation of the dish is also possible.

Sigara böreği are mostly eaten as a separate meal as well as along with side dishes: parsley, arugula, peppers, Cacık and the like. Semi-finished Sigara böreği are available everywhere in local supermarkets, and the dish is offered in Turkish restaurants and cafes.

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Sigara böreği,

Sigara Borek: stuffed cheesy pastries,

Turkish Sigara Boregi With Minced Meat,