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Herring salad is a traditional salad in Scandinavian and north German cuisine. It is prepared with pickled herring and other ingredients like boiled potatoes and sweet pickled beet, apples, whipped cream and pickled cucumbers. The salad is decorated with chopped eggs, parsley, and dill.

Herring Salad of North German type consists of pickled herring, boiled meat, beet, cucumbers and mayonnaise. In Sweden they add pickled herring, boiled beef, beetroot and apple with a vinegar-oil dressing and chopped anchovies, capers and mustard mixed together. The French salad contains only pickled herring, apples, vinegar, oil and onions. The Russian version of this salad is called Seljodka pod Schuboj and consists of pickled herring fillets, a layer of beet, of boiled potatoes, carrots, onions, eggs and mayonnaise.

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