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Sliced Lotus Root With Sweet Sauce (桂花糖藕)

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Sliced Lotus Root With Sweet Sauce is a numbly delicious dessert, golden brown in color, crispy and soothing in texture, which is usually served after a full meal or for breakfast, if desired. It has become the favorite dessert for most of the locals and tourists who come to visit these regions.

The ingredients typically used to prepare this dish include: lotus root, sugar, white vinegar, water. Since the recipe is not complicated, one can easily try to make it at home. First of all, the lotus root is cut across the grain into large pieces, after what it is well washed, drained and placed in a pot of water, where it is cooked on a low or medium fire. After 45 minutes of boiling, the lotus root reaches a dark brown color. In another pot, the sugar is mixed with water and simmered for several minutes until the first gets completely dissolved. When the sauce thickens, vinegar is added and soaked for about 1 hour. Finally, the dessert is arranged on a plate, drizzled with the sweet sauce and garnished with almonds, depending on the client's taste and preference.

The dish is sweet and tender, very refreshing and can be eaten both raw or cooked. It is also characterized by a unique aroma and very high medicinal value, so that it plays an effective role in promoting digestion and appetite and it can even help stop diarrhea. The root and the seed have high nutritional value, are rich in iron, calcium, trace elements, protein, vitamins and starch content which do protect and strengthen the role of the human immune system.

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