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Smoked black cod

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The black cod or smallscaled cod, also known as sable fish, is a marine cod icefish in the genus Notothenia with distribution ranging from southern New Zealand to sub-Antarctic seas, although they have also been fished off the Great Australian Bight, Chile, and round the Falkland Islands, on rocky reefs. Their length is between 25 and 70 cm, and they may weigh up to 3 kg. There are many dishes that use this type of fish, including sushi, it being also served crudo, on the grill, an roasted, poached slowly in olive oil or smoked.

Smoked black cod is found on the menus of various restaurants from Chicago, as well as in other U.S. cities. As this type of fish is rich and consistent, it represents a good choice for smoking. Before being smoked, the fish is soaked in brine for up to two hours. In order to reach an appealing flavor, the cooks smoke the fish with hickory wood chips. Many times the cooks will mix the hickory wood chips with other fruit woods, thus giving the fish a delicate, sweet taste. The smoked fish goes along with a variety of other dishes, such as salads and vegetables.

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