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Soave is a dry white wine made from Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave grape varieties. It is produced in the medieval village Soave, Veneto region. Soave is one of the best selling wines in Italy. It contains an alcohol level of 11,5% and requires eight months aging. Its color is yellow, almost green sometimes. It is considered to be a gentle and delicate wine. That is why it was named “soave”, which means “sweet, harmonious, smooth”. There are three kinds of Soave: dry, still; sparkling; sweet.

Soave is best as a before-dinner wine - with hors d'oeuvres or delicious soups. It can also be served with light meals, like simple vegetables, rice, pasta, and the like. In Italian language the word soave is a very pleasing word meaning mild, sweet and mellow, and many people think that the name of the village is due to the wine that is made there. Actually, the name dates back to the barbaric intrusions after the fall of the Roman Empire, when the area was inhabited by the Suevi tribe. After that the name changed to Soave.

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