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Soldaditos de Pavía

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Soldaditos de Pavía, meaning from Spanish Pavía soldiers, represents strips of codfish that have been desalted. The codfish is traditionally marinated in lemon juice mixed with Spanish sweet pimentón, after what it is coated in flour and egg and then deep-fried in olive oil. Among the ingredients of this dish can be mentioned: salted codfish, lemon juice, sweet pimentón, white pepper, olive oil, egg, flour etc.

There are two versions regarding the origins of this dish and its name. The first refers to the color of the uniform soldiers had during the battle from Pavia in 1525, while the second one pleads for the color of the hussar uniforms wore by soldiers during the 19th century.

The dish is usually served with roasted red or yellow peppers.

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Soldaditos De Pavía Or Codfish Beignets,

Spanish Salt Cod, Marinated and Fried,

Spanish Fish Fingers,