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Sopa de Papas

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Sopa de papas is a delicious, smooth and creamy potato soup. The soup is prepared from the following ingredients: potatoes, carrots (optional), onions, celery, curry powder and spices. Vegetables are being boiled and then blended, after what the soup is mixed with a bit of olive oil and curry powder (or garlic powder) and seasoned with salt and pepper to taste. Potato Soup is served hot garnished with chopped celery, parsley or olives. Another variation of Sopa de papas includes carrots being sautéed in olive oil after what potatoes are added followed by water and spices. The soup is then left to boil. When done, the mixture of milk, egg yolk and chopped parsley is poured into the soup. Served hot.

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Sopa De Papas (Potato Soup) ,

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Sopa de Papas ,