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Sorrel Soup

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Sorrel soup is a soup made from water, sorrel leaves, and salt. Other possible ingredients are egg yolks or boiled eggs and boiled potatoes. Latvian version of sorrel soup also contains carrots, onions, dill, pork meat and pearl barley can be used instead of potatoes. It can be served hot or cold, and usually with sour cream. It is known in Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, and Eastern European Jewish cuisines. Due to its commonness as a soup in Eastern European cuisines, it is often called "green borscht", as a cousin of the standard, reddish-purple borscht soup. Sorrel soup is characterized by its sour taste due to the oxalic acid present in sorrel. The "sorrel-sour" taste may disappear when sour cream is added.

In Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian cuisines, sorrel soup may be prepared using any kind of broth instead of water and may be served either hot or chilled.

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Sorrel Soup ,

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