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Soup Kambing

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Soup kambing (mutton soup) is an Indian nutritious and fragrant soup widely consumed in Singapore and Malaysia. The classical recipe is very simple and easy to prepare. First goat ribs are cut and marinated with pounded garlic and ginger, cut onion, tumeric, and spices including coriander, fenugreek, black pepper, cumin, fennel seeds mashed into powder. Then goat pieces are simmered in a pot with salted water or stock for several hours. When the soup is almost ready leeks sautéed with cardamom, cinnamon and star anaise are put into the pot and cooked for about 15 minutes. Cut tomatoes are added in the final stage of the preparation. The soup is traditionally garnished with chopped fresh coriander leaves and shallots, and served once it is ready with toasts or simple rice.

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Chef's Recommendation - Mutton Soup Kambing,

Sup Kambing,

Indian Mutton Soup: Tastes exactly like what I had when I was a kid!,