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Spegesild med løgsovs

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Spegesild med løgsovs or herring with onion sauce is not only popular in Denmark and in the whole Scandinavia but it is also a very popular dish all over the world. It is made of cooked sauce of rye flour, butter, milk and chopped onions poured over salted herring fillet. Sometimes lemon juice, cream and mustard are added to the sauce, to give it a more piquant taste. The dish should be seasoned to taste and be hot when served. It is usually eaten with rye bread and good coffee. Spegesild med løgsovs can also be served with potatoes and beets.

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Haring Met Uiensaus - Herring With Onion Sauce ,

Spegesild med løgsovs og kartofler ,

Spegesild med Kartofler og Løgsauce ,