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Spiced Dry Beans (奶油五香豆, Nai You Wu Xiang Dou)

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Spiced Dry Beans or "cream spiced dry beans" (Cheng Huang Miao Wu Xiang Dou) are well-known to local people as raw products seasoned with fennel, salt, sugar, cream, butter flavor and other refined condiments. The spiced beans are considered to be not only nutritious, but also characterized by a nice color and distinctive aroma which stimulates the appetite, as well as a sweet and salty taste that can linger in the mouth for a long time. The type of beans used to prepare this dish are exclusively selected from the Zhejiang Province. The selection process is usually very strict, it accepting only the green soybean which are eventually cleaned, soaked and boiled, thus discarding the yellow and moth-eaten beans.

"Xinglong Guo Ji" Spiced Dry Bean store, a company founded about 50 years ago in the old Temple of Shanghai, is a famous store specializing in self-made cream Spiced Dry Beans and is still considered by the locals a business with a booming reputation. Cream Spiced Dry Beans are today sold in more than 100 cities, including Beijing, Tianjin, Xi’an, Wuhan and other cities, and are also exported to Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, Southeast Asia, for a more complete worldwide sales network.


Preparation is not complicated, as the beans are washed, poured in a pot where brine fennel and cinnamon are added, then covered and boiled slowly for a while. Afterwards, these are moved to another pan, stir-cooked over a medium heat together with sugar, allspice, butter flavor, pepper and a little bit of rice wine and simmered until the liquid completely dissolves. Spiced dry beans are usually served cooled, as a side dish.

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