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Spritzkuchen, literally translated as “doughnuts”, also known as Spritzringe, Auflaufkrapfen, Beignets soufflés, Fettkringel, Schmalzkringel, Viktorianer or Strauben, are curl shaped cookies made from choux pastry. The ingredients commonly used to prepare this dessert are: flour, salt, sugar, vanilla, margarine, eggs, water, oil, lemon juice and powdered sugar. Dough is made by combining the above mentioned components, lightly sweetened, placed into an icing bag and given the shape of rings with a star-shaped spout. The resulting cookies are fried in much oil till they become golden brown. After that they are drained, sprinkled with powdered sugar or coated in fondant glaze. Spritzkuchen are served with tea, coffee or any other non alcoholic beverage and can be found at local supermarkets, street stalls or at some specialized candy shops.

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