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Steamed Cone-shaped Cake (Aiwowo, 艾窝窝)

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Ai Wo Wo (Chinese: 艾窝窝) is a sticky rice dumpling with sweet fillings. The commonly used fillings include walnuts, sesames, red bean, pea-flour, etc. Ai Wo Wo has a snow white color and is shaped like a small ball. It has a soft and sticky texture with a fragrant smell. Ai Wo Wo is one of the traditional snacks in Beijing and its history dates back to the Ming Dynasty.

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Ai Wo Wo (Sticky Rice with Sweet Fillings),

Sticky rice with sweet fillings(Ai Wo Wo),

Aiwowo: a traditional local snack in Beijing,

Beijing Snacks—Aiwowo (艾窝窝) and Zhimaqiu (芝麻球),