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Steckerlfisch is a specialty dish from the Bavarian Alps and Upper Austria, which is served mainly during Octoberfest or beer festivals. It is grilled fish, most commonly mackerel, which is stuck on a stick and prepared at cinder; other varieties of fishes, however, may also be used like trouts, chars, breams, etc. The fish is previously marinated in oil, spices and garlic, then skewered and placed above fire to be cooked and while being grilled it is occasionally brushed with marinade or butter in order to get a crispy skin.

Mackerel or Steckerlfisch is eaten on a paper in which it was wrapped up after grilling or on a serving plate, being accompanied by lemon slices or any side dishes like bread rolls and pretzels. This appetizer is just perfect on a cold autumn day with a good mug of real German beer.

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