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Stir fried hawthorn (Chao Hong Guo, (炒红果)

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Stir Fried Hawthorn

Stir fried hawthorn, or Chao Hong Guo (炒红果) in Chinese, is a traditional desert in Beijing cuisine. The main ingredients of this dish are Chinese hawthorn, ginger powder and sugar. Hawthorns with seeds removed are cut into small pieces and boiled in water. Afterwards, the hawthorns are stir fried with sugar until they become semi-transparent. Stir fried hawthorns have a beautiful bright red color, and a sour and sweet taste. It was one of the favorite desserts of the royal family. People in Beijing also believe that eating stir fried hawthorn can lower blood pressure and improve one's appetite.

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Stir fried hawthorn(Chao Hong Guo),


Chao hong guo,