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Stoofperen, literally translated as steamed pears, it is a traditional dish from the Netherlands. It is considered that until the sixteenth century the available pears had to be cooked in order to eat them. Even though the situation has changed since then on this issue, the tradition to steam pears is still strong among Dutch.

The dish consists of such ingredients as pears, a piece of lemon rind with some cloves inserted, cinnamon sticks, dark brown sugar, red wine, black currant liqueur or juice. Dutch cooks mostly use pears called "Gieser Wildeman", which are hard as rock, and are suitable to be eaten only if cooked. But, when cooked, pears turn into a real delicacy. All these components are put in a wide pan and simmered on the lowest possible heat for about two-four hours.

Stoofperen can be served at room temperature, hot or cold. The dish goes well with both main course (roast meat) and dessert (with vanilla ice-cream for example).

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