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Stracciatella (ice cream)

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Stracciatella is a cream-flavoured ice cream with a large amount of dark chocolate inside. In Italy, Germany and The Netherlands, gelato with a vanilla base and chocolate shavings is also called stracciatella or stracciatella ice. It is somewhat analogous to chocolate chip ice cream in North America though the chocolate is intended to be less chunky and more integrated with the gelato. The ice cream has small pieces of chocolate throughout, which outcomes in a fine texture with just the littlest crunch in every bite. This is attained by moistening in a thin flow of melted chocolate during the final phases of boiling, which hardens and separates as it churns. The main ingredients are whole milk, heavy cream, sugar, large egg yolks and bittersweet chocolate. It can be eaten soft or freezed until hardened for about 2-3 hours.

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Stracciatella ice cream,