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Stracotto cooking

Stracotto, literally translated as "overcooked" from Italian, is a very aromatic and tasty traditional Tuscan dish. Even though the preparation of this delicacy takes more than three hours, the result is always more than satisfying.

There are seveal variations of the present dish: stracotto di manzo (beef stracotto), stracotto d'asino (donkey stracotto) and stracotto di cavallo (horse stracotto). The first option is the one that represents the Florentine cuisine the best.

The cooking begins by browning the diced vegetables (porcini mushrooms, carrots, onions, celery stalks) in a frying pan. The meat is introduced to the pan after it is tied with a kitchen string (in order to maintain its form). When all the sauteed ingredients obtain a pleasant golden colour, the rest of the products, including the tomato paste, diced pancetta, diverse aromatic herbs and spices and the red wine (Chianti or Merlot) are stirred into the pan and simmered until the sauce becomes thick.

The stracotto di manzo is served hot, with polenta, mashed potatoes, pasta or risotto.

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