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Strammer Max

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Strammer Max is a traditional name applied to various sandwich dishes in German cuisine. The original Strammer Max is a slice of bread fried in butter and covered with ham and fried egg. The ham may also be pan-fried; it is also possible to replace the ham with a slice of roast beef, in which case the dish is sometimes called Strammer Otto. Cheese and tomato are sometimes used, but these are later additions to the original recipe.

Strammer Max can be found in most German pubs, snack bars and it is a dish perfect for any time of the year and any part of the day. It has some similarities with Bacon and Eggs, a popular snack in England, but due to the smoked ham the taste is different.

Outside of the Berlin region, the term is also used for several other dishes. Regional variations of the term are not set in stone, and it is not always possible to tell in advance what dish will be served after ordering Strammer Max in a restaurant.

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