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Stufato alla Milanese

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Stufato Milanese (Milanese stew) is a traditional dish most popular in the northern part of Italy, Lombardian region. This variation of stew called Milanese is prepared with beef, lamb or pork cut in large pieces because the small ones are used for another stew which is not a stufato. The meat is firstly marinated in a qualitative red wine and then it is properly cooked. The ingredients used for this dish are meat, pancetta in a single slice, unsalted butter, onion, a chopped carrot, bay leaf, a stick of chopped celery, beef broth, garlic, dry red wine, flour, freshly ground nutmeg, salt and pepper. The pancetta (salt cured pork belly) is cut into small pieces and used to lardon the meat which is then dusted with ground pepper, salt and a pinch of nutmeg, put in a bowl and covered with red wine for marinating. Onions are sliced and sautéed in butter in a casserole (saucepan), then removed. In the remaining drippings the meat dusted in flour is cooked until it gets brown. In the end, onions and the rest of the ingredients together with the marinade are added in the pan, covered and simmered for three to four hours. It is nice to be served hot with polenta.

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