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Sue de taronja (zumo de naranja)

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Sue de taronja.jpg

Sue de taronja, also known as zumo de naranja is the Catalan for orange juice and it represents a beverage obtained by squeezing oranges, usually with an instrument called reamer.

The culinary uses of orange juice are diverse, it being mostly used as a refreshment. Sue de taronja can currently be found in any supermarket throughout the country.

Sue de taronja is characterized by a fruity flavor and acidic taste, it containing big quantities of vitamin C. Some producers of Sue de taronja may add citric acid or ascorbic acid to their products, as well as other nutrients like calcium and vitamin D.

Sue de taronja may be used for the preparation of cocktails, such as Sangria or Agua de Valencia. Due to its acidic characteristic, this drink is often used to prepare various sauces or salad dressings and also as an ingredient for several dishes.

Sue de taronja can also be found in USA and Brazil.

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