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Sugee cake

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Sugee Cake is a traditionally Singaporean sweet cake usually prepared for special events and celebrations, by Eurasian and Chinese communities. The cake is one that reminds of childhood, and every New Year’s Eve dinner boasts this tasty dessert.

The list of ingredients for the cake includes eggs, flour, coarse semolina (sugee), butter, sugar, ground almond, baking powder and vanilla. What makes the cake so tender and delicious is a large number of yolks used in its recipe.

First sugee, flour, baking powder and nuts are stirred together. Butter is creamed with sugar until fluffy, yolks are added gradually, then mixed well together with cold milk and vanilla. In a separate bowl egg whites are beaten until creamy texture, then flour mixture and cream are folded in and mixed well. The cake is decorated with diced almonds then put into oven for an hour.

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