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Sultan Reşat Pilavı

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Sultan Reşat Pilavı is a real 'king' among all Turkish pilafs. The dish was brought through the centuries from the kitchens of Sultan Reşat's palace, and is considered a typical example of Ottoman Cuisine. The common ingredients of the dish, which didn't change since Sultan Reşat enjoyed it, include rice, onion, margarine, flour, stale bread, ground meat, oil, and tomato. The preparation begins with simmering rice in water with salt and margarine. While the rice is cooking, bread is soaked in water, then squeezed and mixed with ground meat, chopped onion, pepper and salt. The ground meat is shaped into small balls, coated with flour and fried in a non-stick pan with hot oil, then simmered for five minutes together with grated tomato and drippings. When rice is ready it is arranged in a circle shape on a serving plate with the meatballs placed in the middle of the dish, and poured over with the hot sauce.

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