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Swiss artichoke soup

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Swiss artichoke soup is a popular vegetable dish in Switzerland for both its taste and a good way of warming up the appetite. It is of creamy consistency and rich in nutrients as it includes Jerusalem artichokes, stalks celery, bay leaves, milk, melted butter, chopped onion, light cream, salt and black pepper. Other variations of this recipe may add grated cheese, garlic, chicken broth, tomatoes as optional components for the soup.


The artichokes are steamed in vegetable broth together with butter, celery and onion until they become tender; then milk is added and the mixture is warmed slowly, after which it is rubbed through a strainer or blended. The puree is enriched in taste and flavor with bay leaf, necessary seasoning and simmered for some time. It is served immediately, in a soup bowl with chopped green onion or parsley on the top and additional light cream for those keen on thicker consistency.

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