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Swiss broccoli soup

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Swiss broccoli soup 01.jpg

Swiss broccoli soup is usually prepared with cheese and is a common dinner dish for many locals and tourists coming to Switzerland. It became so popular that a bowl of soup is absolutely necessary during the day. There are recipes of this dish dating back in Swiss cuisine history which have been carefully kept by the Swiss and improved during the ages. The classical recipe contains the following ingredients: meaty ham bone, chicken broth, broccoli, milk, grated Swiss cheese, flour, water, salt and black pepper. The broccoli is boiled in ham and chicken broth until it becomes tender, then it is blended, flour is also added to thicken the soup and finally grated cheese is mixed in to give more flavor and taste. It is served hot, in a soup bowl and it is a light and perfect dish for healthy food lovers.

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Broccoli Soup with Ham-and-Swiss Toasts,

Old Fashion Broccoli Swiss Soup,