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Swiss cabbage soup

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Swiss cabbage soup is a low calories dish popular with most locals from Zurich and foreigners as well. The recipes vary from restaurant to restaurant and they are as different as the days of the week. Classically, a cabbage soup contains white cabbage, carrots, onion, potatoes, optionally beans, nutmeg, sausage, ham, grated parmesan or gruyere cheese, chopped parsley, celery root, salt and pepper. Preparation is simple as the cabbage is thinly sliced and coated with onions in melted butter, then meat based stock is poured in, carrots and potatoes cut into cubes are added next and everything is boiled at a low fire. To add more taste and flavor, smoked ham, sausage or meat can be used with the stock. It is served hot in a soup bowl with chopped parsley sprinkled on the top and Swiss bread or croutons.

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