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Türk Kahvaltısı

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Türk Kahvaltısı is translated as 'Turkish breakfast' and represents a constant set of products served in every Turkish restaurant and household. The Turkish word 'kahvaltı' originates from 'kahve altı', meaning 'before coffee'.

Turkish breakfast traditionally consists of fresh white bread, simit or borek, Turkish tea or coffee, soft-boiled eggs or omelette called Menemen, cheese (usually Beyaz Peynir), olives poured over with olive oil and sprinkled with thyme, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, green chili pepper, sausages, salami or bacon, butter, honey and jam (Turksih: reçel). Some households also have red lentil soup or rice soup for breakfast. During summer, grape and watermelon are also a must. The products are served in special plates, a set of which is called 'kahvaltılık seti'.

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Traditional Turkish Breakfast (Geleneksel Türk Kahvaltısı),