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Taiwanese Porridge

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Taiwanese porridge is a kind of rice porridge which is otherwise called Congee in Asian countries and Taiwan as well, and is as varied as the style of its preparation. Despite its many variations it can be recognized by its thick texture according to which it can be considered as a porridge or thick soup. To prepare the dish, rice is boiled in large amounts of water until it softens significantly. Congee can be made in a pot or in a rice cooker. In Taiwan, congee is prepared in the same way as in Fujian Province, China, and consists of rice and water, with few other ingredients. Sweet potato is often added for taste, and eggs are sometimes beaten into it to thicken it to a gruel. A variety of side dishes are often served with congee as well.

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Taiwanese Porridge aka Sweet Potato Porridge,

Rice Porridge with Side Dishes,