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Taiwanese crispy fried chicken

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Taiwanese crispy fried chicken or otherwise called salt and pepper chicken is one of the most popular snack dishes of Taipei, famous especially with tourists, but not left aside by the locals, too. This is the city obsessed with food, as many people claim, and once being hungry you will never starve because there is plenty of dishes to choose from, at various prices. Taiwanese fried chicken consists of meat, especially chicken breast, which is first marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, rice wine, garlic, sugar, ginger and five spices powder. After that, the meat is cut into smaller pieces, coated in corn flour and deep fried in a wok with boiling sesame oil. Before being served they are left to drain, then put on a plate, in a paper bag or on a stick, and sprinkled with white ground pepper, five spices powder and salt. The dish is really crispy, and for meat lovers this is a perfect snack, accessible and sold practically everywhere.

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