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Taiwanese skewers

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Taiwanese skewers are very popular in Taipei and the whole country as well. It is very comfortable street food because it is tasty, cheap, fastly prepared, hearty and convenient to walk and enjoy your meal. The locals practically put everything on skewers and grill, beginning with all sorts of meat, fish, sea food include chicken, beef, pork and their internals, especially hearts, sausages, pork blood cakes etc. The meat is first coated with five spices powder, then put on skewers and grilled, finally being served with traditional spicy sauces. The taiwanese prepare piles of sticks with ingredients, the customer only has to choose what he/she likes and what method of cooking he/she prefers: grilled, fried, deep-fried, boiled etc. There are many variations, as it is no wonder that Taiwan is famous around the whole world for its diversity of dishes and free choice option; it has a very rich food culture.

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