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Tarhana Çorbası

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The Turkish tarhana consists of cracked wheat (or flour), yoghurt, and vegetables which are first fermented then dried. Tarhana Çorbası is a thick soup cooked by adding Tarhana to stock, water, or milk and simmering.

To prepare the soup, tarhana dough is added to water and set aside for an hour and half until tarhana rehydrates and is completely dissolved. Then all the ingredients (yoghurt, mint, flour, red pepper, green pepper, chopped onion) are mixed together, put on a medium heat and cooked till tarhana is soft and the soup thickens up. The ready made soup is served in bowls topped with feta cheese and sprinkled with sauteed cubes of bread. The soup is usually served on breakfast.

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Tarhana çorbası,


Tarhana Corbasi (Turkish Sourdough Soup),

Tarhana Çorbasi (Tarhana Soup),