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Tarta de Manzana

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An apple pie (Tarta de Manzana) is a fruit pie (or tart) in which the principal filling ingredient is apples. It is sometimes served with whipped cream or ice cream on top. Pastry is generally used top-and-bottom, making it a double-crust pie, the upper crust of which may be a disk shaped crust or a pastry lattice woven of strips; exceptions are deep-dish apple pie with a top crust only, and open-face Tarte Tatin.

The dough for the pie usually includes flour, water, butter and eggs (occasionally).

The fruit for the pie can be fresh, canned, or reconstituted from dried apples. This affects the final texture, and the length of cooking time required; whether it has an effect on the flavour of the pie is a matter of opinion. Dried or preserved apples were originally substituted only at times when fresh fruit was unavailable. The aroma of the filling may be enriched by adding aromatic ingredients like cinnamon, rum, lemon juice and nutmeg.

The origins of the tarta de manzana are unknown, but it is believed that it first appeared in the European countries which grow apples and have a weakness for filled pies.

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